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Tarandowah Golfers Club
15125 Putnam Road, Springfield, Ontario, N0L 2J0
Telephone: 519-269-9656

Charity Requests

Donations for Product-in-Kind Policy:

Non-Club Associated Events: The community surrounding Tarandowah Golfers Club has many causes worthy of support. Due to the numerous requests we receive, it is important to have guidelines on which charitable events are supported. Our guidelines for in-kind donations for charitable events are as follows:

• The events/and or proceeds from the events must support the community surrounding Tarandowah and only one donation per organization may be requested;
• The request must be made by a Tarandowah member affiliated with the organization;
• The member of Tarandowah must accompany the non-member individual making the request;
• Tarandowah Golfers Club only considers requests from registered charities;
• The request must be received a minimum of two months prior to the event to be considered as the number of donations each year is limited.